Friday, 9 September 2011

Angles in day to day life

HEllo frnz...
We have choosen a topic "Angles in day to day life" .
OVERVIEW--students will collect/find out shapes from environment having angles and classify those shapes as right angle,obtuse angle,acute angle. They will also make PPT on angles and its types.
GOALS --Identification of types of angles.
OBJECTIVES-- to demonstrate originality in work.
framing,analyzing and synthesizing information in order to solve problem and
solving answer.
use technology (PPT) as a tool to identify and classify types of angles.
EQ --Make the models of objects having angles.
UQ--What are the degrees of different types of angles?
Classify angles as acute, obtuse and right angle.
CQ--What is line line segment and rays?
How angles are formed?
In our day to day life we come across many objects and our ultimate aim is that the student should corelate those objects with angles and its type .